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Obese Children Empty Community Swimming Pool With Cannonball Contest

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empty pool

The community swimming pool at Amsterdam and 102nd Street will be closed until further notice after Saturday’s cannonball contest which, unfortunately, was attended by several enormous children. “One minute, everything is fine,” said Carlos Rivera, a regular at the popular swimming spot. “But then, all of a sudden I look over and the water is [...]

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Chatty Southern Toddler Can Talk the Hindlegs Off a Billy Goat

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Wearing earplugs to bed is hardly an unusual thing for a city dwelling adult to do to fight snoring spouses, loud garbage trucks, gunshots, firecrackers, etc. What is unusual, however, is keeping those earplugs in all day. But that’s exactly what Dawn Caldwell does, because she’s the mom of one April Caldwell – the world’s chattiest toddler. “I like to say, she [...]

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