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Stay-at-home Dad Groups a Great Way For Swishy, Chronically Unemployed Men to Meet Other Swishy, Chronically Unemployed Men

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When Jerry Porter, along with wife Terry and their three-year-old son, Emory, relocated to Park Slope from Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the festive thirty-four- year-old worried about whether or not he would find other fruity, unemployable men with whom to commiserate and bond. Happily, Porter’s worry disappeared almost immediately – thanks to the warm, open [...]

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TV Remote Swaddled With Baby – Again

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tv swaddle

Once again, 32-year-old stay-at-home dad, Steven Manning, managed to swaddle his beloved television remote with three-month-old daughter Ava; initiating a frantic apartment search. It wasn’t until the combination of his daughter’s sobs and the television channels randomly changing by themselves that he realized what had happened. Fortunately, Manning was able to extract the remote in time [...]

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