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Baby Prohibited From Bringing Food Into Designer High Chair

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By   /   February 3, 2013  /   No Comments

Lars and Leticia Van Ooyen made a promise to one another upon the eve of their son’s birth last December.

“We promised each other that we will never allow our meticulously curated home to be bombarded with hideous, child-rearing accessories,” said Mr. Van Ooyen. “Regardless of how uncomfortable or inconvenient it becomes for our little boy, Alpha.”

So far, they’ve kept this seemingly impossible promise to each other.

“The Little Savant is a perfect example of how we’ve been able to keep this garbage out of our home; where it has no place among our mid-century modern aesthetic,” said Mrs. Van Ooyen. “And when the time comes, little Alpha may be allowed to sit in his chair. For now, however, he’s just much too sticky and drooly, and by no means will food be allowed in the chair. He can eat his food on the floor, near the chair, but many of these baby foods stain, so it just makes sense to keep him as far away from his chair as possible.”

“We’ve seen so many of our friend’s homes – at one time beautifully sparse, sleek, zen-like oases – turned into disaster zones full of ugly toys, rubber floor mats, and molded plastic atrocities,” said Mr. Van Ooyen. “We were not about to become one of those couples whose environs are dictated by an eight-month-old with poor design aesthetic.”

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