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Baby’s Rectal Thermometer Nowhere To be Found… Oh, Wait!

By   /   April 1, 2015  /   No Comments

New mom Carolyn Gurewald was headed for the door – coat on, Mountain Dew can in hand – when she finally remembered where she had left her two-month-old daughter’s rectal thermometer.

“After searching the house for forty-five minutes, I figured, ‘Well, I guess I’d better pop out to the drugstore for one of them new butt thermometers’,  until I finally remembered: ‘Wait! Maybe it’s still in Brittnee!”

Sure enough, the thermometer, which had taken up residence in little Brittnee’s hindquarters the day before, had been left in by Gurewald’s absent-minded husband, Dwayne.

“She says I left it up there but I don’t think…so,” said the bleary-eyed idiot.

Baby Brittneee, who had been running a slight fever, is said to be “fine ‘n dandy like cotton candy,” according to Mrs. Gurewald.

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