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Boy With Two Daddies Desperately Needs a Male Role Model

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By   /   August 24, 2015  /   No Comments

Seven-year-old Aiden Stevens has a daddy with whom any young boy would be thrilled. Unfortunately, he has another, equally excellent daddy; which means that, essentially, he is completely lacking in the masculine role model department.

Lance Carson and Topher Grillo, partners for 12 years, adopted young Aiden in 2007. Since then, Aiden has not wanted for love, guidance, and a strong fashion aesthetic; but relatives and some teachers at his school worry about the effects of being raised in a macho-less home.

“Don’t get me wrong, I adore his daddies,” said Aiden’s aunt, Kathy Avalos-Reilly. “But I think they need to consider participating in a Big Brother program or enrolling him in a wrestling or punching league. He can’t even throw a ball correctly, and he’s walking with far too much pizazz.”

Aside from his physical anomalies, various teachers at his school have cited some of Aiden’s affectations as problematic as well.

“I can’t quite put my finger on it,” said Selma Blaine, a teacher at The Manfred School – where Aiden has been enrolled since 2005. “There’s a certain level of cattiness that one forgives when it involves a gay man, but it reads as blatant disrespect when coming from a seven-year-old. Also, Aiden carries himself with an air of superiority that I find troubling. He’s constantly criticizing his classmates’ haircuts and clothing.”

Not so subtle are some of the names Aiden has assigned his less fashion-forward teachers. Among them: Mrs. Doubtfire and Ms. L.L. Bean-stein.

Manfred School counselor, Debbie Wrass – who prides herself on the close relationships she has with ‘her kids’, had this to say about the situation:  “I think Aiden needs to befriend some children of  ‘two-mommy’ households. Have him spend the week with Rory Granby’s moms and he’ll be smashing beer cans on his forehead in no time.”

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