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Breadwinning Mom Brings Home Bacon- Henpecked Stay-at-Home-Dad Makes Her A Bacon Sandwich

By   /   February 3, 2013  /   No Comments

High-powered lawyer Greta Buxton brings home the bacon for the Buxton family. And when she does, she fully expects her little sissified, stay-at-home husband, Lance, to make her a goddamn sandwich with it.

heart sammy

On a recent Friday evening, Greta demanded her bacon sandwich (and 20 oz Fosters beer), before even stepping foot in the couple’s home – by texting her husband from a cab. Once home, she kicked off her shoes, slapped Lance across the face, and devoured her sandwich. Soon after, Greta was served a second sandwich – this time created in the shape of a heart. Upon seeing this loving gesture, Greta put Lance in a headlock and initiated fifty “love-noogies” before demanding a second beer.

“We have an agreement”, Greta added. “He does the cooking, cleaning, child-loving girlie shit, and I bring home the dough..It works really well.”

Asked his opinion of the situation, Greta quickly answered, “He loves it and would have it no other way, right Lance?”

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