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Canadian Health Organization For Children Concerned Over New Fruit Snack.

fruit by the meter V2 FLAT

By   /   May 1, 2017  /   No Comments

Representatives from Canada’s largest Children’s health advocacy group, Canadian Health Organization for Children (CHC), has requested a review by the Canadian Department of Health regarding New Fruuit By The Meter, citing steadily-rising obesity figures among young children. The Fruit snack, modeled after the popular Fruit By The Foot, contains three times the amount of sugars and chemical additives, coming in at a whooping 715 grams of sugar. In fact, of the top four ingredients in both Fruit By The Foot and Fruuit By The Meter, three are sweeteners (corn syrup, maltodextrin, and ordinary sugar.)

“We feel like a foot of this highly-sugared fruit substance is more than adequately hazardous for a normal child,” said Melissa Shawsteinberg of CHC. “The serving suggestion listed on the packaging may state a reasonable serving size, but we all know that once that sucker is opened, a kid doesn’t stop at the serving size. It’s a one shot deal. Suggesting otherwise on the part of the manufacturer (Betty Cracker) is disingenuous.”

As of this writing, an injunction on behalf of the CDC to halt manufacture and distribution of Fruuit By The Meter, which comes in delicious Cherry, Blueberry, Lemon, and Green #31, is still being considered.

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