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Delousing Parties All the Rage For Itchy Upper West Side Families

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old delouserThere were over fifteen thousand guests at little Bobby Astrid’s last party, but by the time it was over, only ten remained. Why? Because this was a very special party; a party that hundreds of kids just like Bobby are having every day. It was a delousing party!

“When I began telling people that I was starting a delousing party business, I got my fair share of odd looks,” said Caitlin Overhill. “But it makes a whole lot of sense, if you think about it. Nobody likes delousing their child. It’s disgusting. So why not get all the lice-ey kids together, have a little cake, bring a clown, and let someone else kill off their lice? That’s where I come in.”

Overhill’s company, Lice Of The Party, started hosting delousing parties at the height of lice season: January. Since then, LOTP has hosted over seventy-five delousing soirees. The parties (which cost fifty dollars per head), typically last two hours and include either pizza or Chinese food, a clown or magician, and, of course, a lot of tiny little combs.

“By the time the party is in full swing, the kids don’t even mind the actual lice-removal process, which takes place toward the end of the party,” said Overhill. “Gone are the days of cutting off a child’s hair or keeping them locked-up for weeks at a time, careful not to utter a single word to anybody about your child’s ‘condition.’ Nowadays, every kid, and adult, get it. In fact, I have lice right now…and I have for the last eighteen months. I’ve come to accept the fact that I, as well as my family, will probably have lice for as long as this business is up an drunning. It’s just a fact of life. Or should I say, a fact of lice?!”

“I don’t know how we got by before meeting Caitlin,” said Laurie Grubman, whose two children are constantly coming home with itchy heads. “Now, we just schedule a party for a Friday or Saturday night, have the kids invite their lice-ridden friends over to the house, then go to dinner and a movie. By the time we get home…no more lice! It’s been a real blessing.”

Not only have the parties become a huge hit among the lice set but, according to city records, they’re putting a major dent in the reported cases of lice, as well. And that’s good news for everybody. Except the lice.

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