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Unresolved Playdate Leads To Severe Case of Blue Balls For Local Toddler

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By   /   March 15, 2013  /   No Comments

A very fun playdate with Margo Sanchez, three, turned into a horrible case of blue balls for little four-year-old Zack Ellington of Chelsea.

The painful date, set up by Margo’s nanny, started with a vigorous Lego session, followed by hummus sandwiches and grapes, then twenty-five minutes of Dora the Explorer. Upon turning the TV off, the Lego session resumed for approximately forty-five more minutes before an impromptu game of hallway kickball got under way.

At approximately five o’clock, Zack’s nanny suggest they ‘wrap it up,’ upsetting little Zack, who argued that he had still not “sealed the deal.” Reminding Margo and the nannies that this was their third playdate, at which point a certain amount of “extras” could reasonably be expected, Zack requested some alone time for he and Margo before leaving. Unfortunately for Zack, his request was emphatically denied.

Zack was seen leaving the building at 5:15, visibly upset and in pain. Contacted later that evening, Zack’s mother, June Ellington, said that Zack worked out his frustrations by playing Rock-Em-Sock-Em Robots for seven hours and punching his pillow repeatedly – before finally succumbing to exhaustion just after midnight.

Toddler blue balls effects one in every five boys between the ages of three and seven, and can be avoided by arranging playdates involving board games, or exceptionally homely children.

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