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First Time Home-owner and Generally Incapable Handyman Has This Mysterious Plastic Doo-Dad Narrowed Down to Either Part of His Wife’s Breast Pump, or The Furnace.

black thing

By   /   January 7, 2015  /   No Comments

Ask new dad (and recent first time homeowner), Jaime Klunie what the “J” stands for in Homer J. Simpson’s middle name, and he’ll tell you in a heartbeat. (It’s Jay, by the way). Ask him if his newly-purchased home is heated with gas or oil, and you’ll just have to be patient while he disappears into the basement, banging around and cursing under his breath while he searches for clues to your question.

He has, however, made great strides in identifying this mysterious black plastic thing he recently found behind the sofa.

“At first I thought it was part of the toilet pump kit that I bought earlier this year but never had the chance to put together and put into the big ceramic cube that sits behind the toilet chair,” said Klunie from his home in Pelham earlier this week. “And then I thought that it maybe fell off of the car but then began to wonder, like, ‘Hmmm….how could it have fallen off of the car and then ended up behind the couch?’ But then my wife said that she was missing a part to her breast pump kit and it dawned on me: maybe that’s where this is from! I was pretty certain I had figured it out until my dad came over and told me that I was missing part of my furnace’s temperature guage, so now I’m thinking THAT’S what it is! Maybe. So that’s where I’m currently at. It either belongs to the breast pump or the furnace.”

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