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Gifted/Talented Students to Get Longer Buses

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By   /   August 20, 2015  /   No Comments

It’s been three long years in the works, but the parents of the city’s gifted/talented have finally gotten their wish: longer buses for their brilliant children.

“It just goes to show you, perseverance pays off – especially when the cause, or need, in this case – is such an obvious one,” said Gail Barton, whose son, Asher, is enrolled in the gifted/talented program at P.S. 75.

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“The other mothers and fathers got the ball rolling with a huge letter-writing campaign directed at city education officials and congressmen,” said Barton. “And finally, about nine months ago, republican congressman Dale Wittington decided to take the issue up the proverbial ladder. Our gifted and talented children owe a great debt to Dale.”

The buses, five in all, measure 49-feet long; a full 13 feet longer than the average student bus. The short bus measures approximately 19-feet long. The buses, manufactured by Starcraft of Goshen, Ind., cost the city a total of $930,000; most of which was reallocated from the city’s music, arts, and cultural programs.



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