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bambi mom final

By   /   August 6, 2015  /   No Comments

of those cute animated films kids enjoy watching again and again
carry the same disturbing message.


Let’s think back to the Disney classic, Bambi. After little toothpick legs is born, there are essentially three life-changing (and life-ending) events: MAN setting fire to the woods, Bambi’s mother getting shot and killed by MAN, and Bambi getting shot and maimed by…MAN.

Now, if you’re a young, impressionable little boy or girl, there’s really only one conclusion to be drawn from this movie: MAN is an Asshole.  Why the Bambi narrator insisted on referring to the hunters and arsonists as MAN instead of simply asshole is a mystery. The movie’s message would be much clearer if the narrator sounded something like this:

“And so it was, the assholes burned to the ground Bambi’s, Thumper’s, and all the other wonderful woodland creatures’ homes. But make no mistake friends; the assholes will be back with their asshole buddies – toting asshole-made Remington rifles to blow as many deer away as “humanly” possible. Assholes.”

Little has changed in the seventy years since Bambi was released. Today’s animated money machines still carry the same sad (but true) message. Click on the image below for a closer look:

final movie list


So what’s a parent to do to ensure that their child doesn’t go through life assuming that humans are just the biggest collection of jerks in the world? Try popping in the most graphic nature DVD you can find from time to time – one that shows animals in their absolutely worst light. Documentaries showing crocodiles, snakes, bears – whatever you can find to help your children say to themselves, “Wait a minute, these animals are complete assholes. Maybe I shouldn’t care so much about what happens to them.”

Good luck, asshole.



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