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Henna Swastika Tattoo Calls Into Question Man’s Dedication to White Supremacist Group.


By   /   January 14, 2016  /   No Comments

A White Plains, New York white supremacist group is starting to have serious doubts about its newest member, Carl Johannsen, after it was discovered that the large swastika tattoo covering his back was actually not a permanent sign of his dedication, but rather a decidedly less permanent tattoo made of henna.

“We was partaking in our annual water-balloon fight Saturday evening at my house up north when Carl’s tattoo got all wet and started to run,” said group member and event planner, Dale Higgins. “He tried telling us all that he must have made a mistake and gotten a henna-type tattoo instead of the real thing, but I think that’s a real far-fetched, son-of-a-bitch lie.”

Asked to comment on the accusation, Johannsen said, “Ya know, I kinda wondered why it wasn’t more painful and why instead of hearing the tell-tale buzzing sound I heard a lot of giggling sounds and why I didn’t smell burning flesh, but I just figured I got a real talented, silly tattoo artist. I also thought it was a bit strange that the store that gave me the tattoo also sold little rocks that say things like “live love and laugh” and “Dance like nobody’s looking” as well as tie-dyed t-shirts and various oils and potions, but I just went along with it.”

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