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pissed kid

By   /   March 7, 2013  /   No Comments

Matt and Mary Reeves pride themselves on their carefully cultivated (if not exactly original) musical tastes and offbeat fashion sense.

tee shirts 2Prouder still are they of four-year-old Carter who, according to them, shares his parents’ love of the Ramones and the defunct Lower Manhattan rock institution, CBGB’s – all of which makes the youngster’s recent all-out meltdowns regarding the wearing of his beloved T-shirts all the more confusing.

“We think he has come to so completely understand the punk rock ethos, that he’s actually rebelling against that which stands for rebellion – as if to say, ‘Hey, I’m my own person too, just like a punk rocker.’ It’s extraordinarily advanced, individualistic behavior - especially for a four-year-old! We are so proud of him.”

Friends of the couple, however, have an altogether different take on the situation.

“Gee, I don’t know. Maybe he doesn’t like wearing ugly black T-shirts with bands or clubs he’s never heard of,” said Susan Carlson, a former college roommate of Ms. Reeves’. “And they’re acting like he’s going through some phase; whereas, in truth, he has never wanted to wear these T-shirts. They need to let the poor kid wear what he wants.”

Asked his thoughts on the matter, Carter had this to say: “I hate those shirts! They’re stupid! I like Barney and spaceships…and puppets and Toy Story. I like Grover a lot too. I don’t like black shirts. My mom and dad do, but they stink and are ding dongs.”

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