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Leaning Girl Very Excited About New Princess Shoes That Light Up!

club foot shoes

By   /   August 16, 2014  /   No Comments

Little Lisa Norton (dubbed The leaning tower of Lisa), refused to wear an “elevator shoe” for her limb length discrepancy. Until a big-hearted cobbler made her a pair she couldn’t refuse.

Lisa Norton, like most five-year-old girls, loves her princesses. She has a princess wand. She has a princess tiara. And she has, of course, an army of princess dolls. So when her parents, David and Linda Norton, presented her with a pair of bland, beige elevator shleaning girl V2oes, the first thing she said was, “Where is the princess? I want a princess on my shoes, like my friends. Why can’t I have princess shoes?!”

And so began the daily struggle to get little Lisa, whose right leg is six inches shorter than her left, to wear her special shoes. She chose instead to  simply go without, earning her the unfortunate, cruel nickname: the Leaning Tower of Lisa.

Enter Morty Morrison, a seventy seven-year-old cobbler who has toiled in his Upper West Side shop since 1968. Morrison saw little Lisa at Zabar’s grocery store and struck up a conversation with the girl.

“She said her short leg makes her lean,” said Morrison, “But she hated wearing what she called the ‘monster shoes’ her parents gave her, because they didn’t have princesses on them. So I told her mom to bring Lisa by my store in a week for a little surprise.”

One week later, Lisa and her mom strolled into the cobbler’s shop where she was presented with the princess elevator shoe, complete with flashing lights!

“It was a priceless moment,” said Mrs. Norton. “Her face lit up brighter than the shoes did! And no more Leaning Tower of Lisa,” she joked.


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