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Minivan Sticker a Painful Reminder of Adopted Boy’s Place in Family

car with stickers

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For as long as he can remember, Trang Silverberg’s parents have expressed their love and support for the adopted Korean 11-year-old, reassuring him that they will always love him just as much as his siblings.

“They always say, ‘we love you just like your normal brother and sister!’ said Trang, in a recent phone interview. “But I’m starting to not believe them.”

Trang, the family’s eldest child, was adopted by James and Anne Silverberg after the couple was informed that she was unable to conceieve – a diagnoses proven flat-out wrong, as Mrs. Silverberg gave birth to beautiful, healthy twins Kevin and Erin the very next year.

“We went into Trang’s adoption thinking that we would never have our own children,” said Mr. Silverberg. “And then…BAM!…Anne gets pregnant with twins. So we have little Trang over here and I’m like, ‘man, all that paperwork and money we spent…for nothing! TONS of paperwork. You have no idea. So I figure: if that much paperwork was required to adopt a kid, imagine how much there will be to return a kid. I said ‘forget it!’….so we hung on to him. I hate doing paperwork.”

The window cling in question represents (from left to right), James and Anne Silverberg, 10-year-old twins Kevin and Erin, Max (dog), Renny (cat), and finally – almost as an afterthought: Trang.

“I noticed it last week as I was heading to my bedroom above the garage after school,” said Trang. “And then I thought: ‘hey wait…how come my bedroom is above the garage? There’s plenty of room inside the house. And then I thought: ‘hey wait, aren’t mom and dad and Kevin and Anne supposed to be back from vacation by now?”


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