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Mom Mystified By Teenage Son’s Collection of Discarded Crusty Tube Socks

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By   /   April 1, 2015  /   No Comments

The age-old mystery of where those missing socks go may never be answered, but for forty-three-year-old-mom Terry Welsh, that conundrum can wait – until she’s gotten to the bottom of the ever-growing presence of the crusty tube socks which have been showing up in and around her teenage son’s bedroom.

“Most often, I find them under his bed,” said Welsh, from her Southborough, MA, home. “Sometimes I find them in his miniature Boston Red Sox trash can. And once I even found one resting on top of the shrubs under his bedroom window. But here’s the strange part – they always seem to have some sort of hardened substance on the inside – as if a small animal or large insect has taken up residence and…done something, but I can’t figure out what that might be.”

The mystery of the socks, which started appearing soon after Ronny’s twelfth birthday has, according to Ms. Welsh, not piqued even the slightest bit of interest or concern from either Ronny, or his father.

“I think the whole situation has frightened our son more than he’ll admit,” said Welsh. “Because every time the subject is broached, he either leaves the room or insists I stop speaking about it. Carl [Ms. Welsh’s husband], just laughs and tells me I’ll figure it out someday, unfortunately.”

Apparently, someday is not soon enough, as Welsh has taken it upon herself to secretly install a nanny cam in the corner of the boy’s bedroom, in hopes of expediting things.

“I’m beyond excited to see what’s captured on that nanny cam,” said Welsh. “And I know, in his heart of hearts, little Ronny will be excited to see what turns up, too!”

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