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New Little Laura Louse Doll Grows REAL Head Lice, Has World’s Tiniest Comb

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They say the best ideas strike when you least expect. Just ask Jaclyn Nettles, the Brooklyn mother who, while watching her twin daughters playfully comb the dead lice carcasses out of each others freshly-deloused hair, came upon her idea for a lice-hosting doll.

The doll, dubbed Little Laura Louse, grows real head lice (yes, REAL head lice!), and is currently in the final production phase at the Taiwan Toy and Doll Company, considered by many to be the leader in the manufacture of dolls possessing body function mimickry – or simply BFM, as it’s commonly referred by those in the multi-billion dollar toy industry.

Nettles, thirty-eight, received 5,000 shares of common stock in the Taiwan Toy and Doll Company in exchange for her concept and considerable involvement in moving the production forward.

“It was so fun and interesting watching Little Laura come to life,” said Nettles. “At first I was somewhat skeptical as to how they would figure out the actual implantation of the lice, but they did it in a really interesting way!”

final inset 2

The doll, which comes with ten individually-wrapped lice egg packets, has a small chamber in the back of the head. Initiating the lice process is as easy as inserting one of the eggs into the head with a small amount of water. Two to three days later, the eggs start appearing, clinging to the base of Little Laura’s hair. At this point in the process, a child has the option of either watching the eggs hatch into viable lice forms, or applying the shampoo in an attempt to stop the critters in their tracks.

“That’s the true beauty of Little Laura, said Nettles. “It’s those real-world parallels…allowing children to play God, if you will. For example, my girls can choose to terminate a pregnancy before life even starts – by killing the eggs. Or, they can wait until the little bastards are born…watch them grow, and then  eradicate the pests. Little Laura provides a different experience for every child which, in my mind, is the very definition of a successful toy or doll.”

While Little Laura certainly has her share of detractors, you can count this reporter…PRO-LICE.

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