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Stay-at-home Dad Groups a Great Way For Swishy, Chronically Unemployed Men to Meet Other Swishy, Chronically Unemployed Men


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When Jerry Porter, along with wife Terry and their three-year-old son, Emory, relocated to Park Slope from Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the festive thirty-four- year-old worried about whether or not he would find other fruity, unemployable men with whom to commiserate and bond. Happily, Porter’s worry disappeared almost immediately – thanks to the warm, open arms of the popular Brooklyn stay-at-home dad group, Don’t Be SAHD!

“Oh, I was sick with worry,” said a teary Porter from the family’s handsome President Street condominium. “I had such a wonderful network of other stay-at-home dads back on the Upper West [Side], I was convinced I’d never be able to replicate those terrific men. Boy, was I wrong!”

Porter, who until two years ago was a senior buyer for the Long Island City-based clothing store, Anthropologie, thrives in his role as the lady of the house, but he’s the first to admit that things would be much more difficult without the support and aid of young, straight-ish, unemployable men.

“Sometimes I need that shoulder to cry on,” said Porter. “Or just somebody to listen to me. Being at home all day with little Emory can be very difficult, but we’re all there for one another should one of us need a hand. Reaching for the phone or, better yet, a gentleman friend’s warm hand is a much healthier alternative than a third glass of petite sirah or dropping a hundred dollars on a new pair of Capri pants.”

“We offer a heck of a lot more than just sympathy and support though,” said Christopher Breen, a founding member of the Don’t Be SAHD! group. “We also take group trips to the Bronx Zoo, art museums, and various sporting matches. You could say that some of are real sports event fanatics!”

And what about those claiming that stay-at-home dad groups perpetuate a man’s state of unemployment by lulling members into believing that it’s OK to dilly-dally with a bunch of dudes all day while the woman slaves away in the city to bring home the bacon?

Perhaps we’ll never know the answer to this question.

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