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Teen’s Victoria’s Secret Catalogue Still Clinging To Underside Of Discarded Mattress


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Linda Farley thought her son, Carter, would be ecstatic. At least, as ecstatic as a teenage boy could be about a new mattress. After all, he’d been complaining about his sore back, and blamed the aches and pains on the saggy state of his old mattress. So why did his face fall so low when he heard that his mattress and box spring had been thrown away? Because – with his mattress would no doubt be his favorite Victoria’s Secret catalogue – the one with Anne Carson on the cover.

“I told you not to touch my stuff!” he fumed. “I don’t go looking under your mattress, do I?! What did you do with my catalogue!?”

Luckily, amazingly, Carter was able to retrieve the catalogue, as it had somehow clung to the bottom of the mattress during its journey from the penthouse apartment the teen shared with his mom – just minutes before the scheduled pickup.

“You know, I thought it strange to find nothing under Carter’s mattress,” said Ms. Farley. “I’m not stupid. I know where boys keep their private magazines. But when I lifted the mattress before letting the maintenance man remove it, I saw nothing. But I guess it was there the whole time.”

“Oh, yeah, I saw it,” said maintenance coordinator Jimmy Wilson. “Before we bring mattresses to the curb we have to wrap them in plastic. That’s when I saw it. I was going to peel it off but it was pretty well, uhm….stuck.”

mattress porn
The catalogue, still visible through thick, cloudy plastic, has been with Carter Farley since the day it arrived in February 2009. The teen was able to retrieve the catalogue just minutes before it was being hauled away.

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