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Toddler Perfectly Executes First Half of “Putting Fist In Mouth – Taking Fist Out of Mouth” Routine

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By   /   February 3, 2013  /   No Comments

A Chelsea three-year-old was resting comfortably last night after EMTs rushed him to Beth Israel Hospital after failing to execute the second half of his oft-performed “fist-in-mouth” routine for neighbors.

Little Alexander Coupland, who neighbors said has successfully executed the stunt dozens of times, found himself in a particularly difficult situation, as his hand had been stung by a bee earlier in the day, effectively causing it to swell – making insertion into (and out of) his little mouth much more difficult.

“I told him not to do it,” said older brother Carl, who alerted the boy’s parents as soon as Alexander starting showing signs of distress. “I told him to wait until his hand got better, but he wanted to impress the girl across the street. Plus, a couple of kids who had been asking to see the stunt starting calling him a liar and accusing him of bragging about things that he couldn’t really do. That got him really upset.”

“He was in rough shape,” said Dr. Lynn Reston, the Beth Israel Hospital doctor on duty the night of the incident. “His hand was really wedged in there. Honestly, I was stumped as to how he got his fist into his mouth in the first place.”

“This is Chelsea. I’ve seen a lot of…things…wedged into tight spaces, if you catch my drift,” said Dr. David Carleton, who assisted Reston in the removal of the hand. “But this was a new one.”

Several lubricants were applied to the boy’s wrist to aid in the eventual removal of the hand, and breathing exercises were initiated to help him relax.

“We’re just happy to have our boy home,” said Alexander’s mother, Karen Coupland. “This fist routine was fine and good while it lasted, but there will be no more of this in the future.”

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