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Upper West Side African-American Women Adopting White Babies at Fever Pitch

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By   /   January 13, 2016  /   No Comments

The next time you find yourself sitting on one of the benches at your favorite Upper West Side playground or park, take a good look around at the other moms. And then look at their child. Then look at the mom again. Now back at the child…the mom…the child…the mom…the child…the mom…the child. OK, did you notice anything unusual?

“The sheer number of African-American women adopting white babies is astounding,” said longtime neighborhood resident Nancy Cauley. “And I think it’s wonderful!”

“I remember, years ago, people saying that the Upper West Side was simply an extension of Connecticut,” said neighborhood shop owner Julia Cruz.  “You know: waspy, white, playground of the elite. Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see this level of non-judgemental open-mindedness in Connecticut, thank you very much.”

“To see a sweet little freckled, red-headed private schooler being whisked off to school while being yelled at by his hot-headed Haitian mom just makes you realize what a dynamic, wonderful melting-pot of a neighborhood the Upper West Side really is,” said Ms. Cauley. “It warms the heart.”

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