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Westchester Woman Celebrates Cinco de Mayo By Making Brief Eye-Contact With Landscaper

jose rodriguez

By   /   February 7, 2018  /   No Comments

Cynthia Hines, of Scarsdale, let her woke flag fly by initiating (and maintaining) 1.5 seconds of steady eye contact with landscaper, Jose Luis, as her way of celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

“My hope is that this gesture helps to dispel the notion that people from Scarsdale are snobs or exclusionary in any way,” said Hines. “Everybody deserves respect and eye-contact on occasion. And as I understand it, Cinco de Mayo is as important to these people as Christmas, so it seemed like a nice time to acknowledge Francisco or whatever his name is. It should also be noted  that I physically hand Luis his weekly check, unlike some of my friends, who throw the money out the window and then watch the landscaping crew fish the coins out of the bushes, which I find a bit cruel.”


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