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Estate of Late Actor Ernest Borgnine Suing Makers of Mucinex Over “Blatant Appropriation of His Likeness”

By   /  April 15, 2018  /  RECENT ARTICLES, Today's Headlines  /  No Comments

mucinex borgnine

The family of the late academy-award winning actor, Ernest Borgnine, is suing the makers of the popular expectorant Mucinex, for their continued use of a green spokesblob that lawyers argue is a clear appropriation of the actor’s face and body type. Mucinex’ parent company, Reckitt-Benstiller, has relied upon the phlegm character in both TV and [...]

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Student Demand For Safe Schools Briefly Achieved By Not Being In One For Seventeen Minutes

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Students across the country today staged walkouts to both honor those slain in the recent Florida school shooting, but also to voice their demand for safety – achieving the latter only by physically vacating their schools. “It felt good to get out here and tell the supposed adults in this country that we’ve had enough,” [...]

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Westchester Woman Celebrates Cinco de Mayo By Making Brief Eye-Contact With Landscaper

By   /  February 7, 2018  /  RECENT ARTICLES, Today's Headlines  /  No Comments

jose rodriguez

Cynthia Hines, of Scarsdale, let her woke flag fly by initiating (and maintaining) 1.5 seconds of steady eye contact with landscaper, Jose Luis, as her way of celebrating Cinco de Mayo. “My hope is that this gesture helps to dispel the notion that people from Scarsdale are snobs or exclusionary in any way,” said Hines. [...]

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