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Baby Girl Has Mother’s Eyes, Father’s Employment Status

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By   /   April 17, 2013  /   No Comments

Five-month-old Kaylee Lee has her mother’s beautiful, sparkling blue eyes; and her father’s do-nothing, earn-nothing work ethic. “I hope those beautiful blue eyes make her some serious money some day, because she is easily the laziest, most unproductive baby I’ve met and believe me, I’ve met a lot of babies,” remarked Kaylee’s pediatrician, Lori Zabus.

Kaylee’s dad, unemployed restaurateur Peter Lee, has not worked in over thirteen years.

“It’s not that he isn’t capable,” said a family friend who wished to remain nameless. “I just think he finds it easier to leech off of her parents than it is to work. He really is the epitome of lazy, and by all accounts his daughter is taking after him in that department. You know how they say you should sleep when the baby sleeps? Well, she sleeps eighteen hours a day, and he’s right there with her – sleeping and farting and drooling, just like his lazy baby.”

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