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Father Regrets Buying Used Race-Car Bed


By   /   November 7, 2012  /   No Comments

What seemed like a fine idea at the time has slowly but surely turned into a bank account-draining fiasco for Boston dad Ian Trainor.

It all started when Trainor, appalled at the cost of the race-car bed his five-year-old son, Travis, had been hounding him for, purchased the used bed on eBay two weeks ago.

“I figured, hey – it’s just a stupid bed! It’s a mattress and a few pieces of painted pine,” said Trainor from his beantown home. “What I didn’t know was how intricate the inner working of a race-car bed actually are. You should see the underside of this thing. It looks like the space shuttle, what with all the wires and pipes and things.”

The bed, manufactured by Race-carzzz Inc. of Bedford, New York, is well known within the race-car bed circuit for requiring an inordinate amount of maintenance and costly repairs.

“It’s the Jaguar of race-car beds,” said Trainor, referring to the British automaker notorious for producing repair-intensive vehicles.

“I recently needed a simple screw to correct a basic problem the bed was having; but would a normal, ten cent screw do the trick? Of course not. It required a seventy-five dollar titanium screw, which had to be special ordered from Australia of all places,” said Trainor. “So, being the genius that I am, I went ahead and used a screw I found in the bottom of my tool box, and the next morning I discovered the bed had been leaking oil all night. So now I need a new rug, too. I’m never buying a used race-car bed again. It’s just not worth it.”

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