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Mother of Plus-Size Baby Model Spending Daughter’s Earnings On Vaginal Rejuvenation

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A Morristown mother of three has raised the ire of the plus-size baby modeling community by proudly divulging her plan of using her daughter’s modeling earnings to bring her once svelte, slim vagina back to pre-children shape.

“It’s disgusting,” remarked Carol Keppler, who manages her own plus-size daughter’s“burgeoning” career. “The idea of dipping into my little Bri-Anne’s bank account to fund a vanity project like this is unthinkable. This money should be set aside for furthering the girl’s education, not shrinking her mother’s hoo-ha; although, truth be told, I’ve heard it is an enormous vagina.

The woman at the center of the fire storm, Dierdre Culkin, made her rejuvenation plan known during one of daughter Caitlin’s recent photo shoots, at which several mothers of plus-size models were present.

“She thinks nothing of, essentially, stealing her child’s earnings for the procedure,” said Abby Hill. “Her rationale being, basically: ‘Hey, my daughter’s the one who stretched this thing out, why shouldn’t she pay to fix it?’ You can’t argue with somebody whose sense of reasoning has brought them to that place. It’s just not worth the effort.”

Culkin, who refused to be interviewed for this story, has been managing her daughter’s career since the child was one, when the chubby girl, now four years old, caught the eye of Erica VonDella, a Nova Modeling Agency scout and senior partner. Since then, the girl has made, by Nova’s estimates, as much as $250,000.

vag doc

“Oh, make no mistake – she’s Culkin’s meal ticket, no pun intended,” added Ms. Hill. “But she has a responsibility to her daughter to safeguard those earnings.”

The incident has attracted attention from a host of organizationsopposed to the very concept of plus-size baby modeling.

Dr. Russ Taylor, director of the Obesity Research and Education Organization (OREO), had this to say: “Above all, Ms. Culkin should be most concerned with bringing her daughter’s weight into a healthy, normal range, instead of keeping the poor girl fat and profitable. The state of her misshapen vagina should be the furthest thing from her mind.”

Despite the cries of financial, as well as overall parental impropriety, Culkin plans to go under the knife by month’s end – enlisting the skills of Doctor Bif Slater, whom many consider the East Coast’s best vagina man. At upwards of $85,000, we should certainly hope so, Ms. Culkin!

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